Friday, February 17, 2012

Mystery Synth Luv...

We synth nerds love to debate what is the "best" form of synthesis. Is it Analog? Digital? Modular? VST? Can you hear a difference? IS there a difference? What makes a synth "the best" or even just "good?"

Here is an audio demo of a synth to be featured in the next post on this blog. Can you guess what made these sounds?  This was recorded live, one take, with no editing.

 And what good would a contest be without prizes!

A free Download from the back catalog at Http:// for the person who gets closest AND a free download to the 15th and 30th person to submit a guess. So even if you have no idea you might get some cool free music!

 Two hints:

- This is a monosynth, it only plays one note at a time.
- There are dedicated knobs galore.

Email guesses HERE. Results will be posted later this month.

Guess on!

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