Monday, June 8, 2015

Electronic Party People...

Composer Dan Deacon does more than create and play electronic music. In this NPR Tiny Desk Concert he shows how much fun being a dorky, geeky, beautiful human machine can be.

I've been doing a lot of posts about inspiration and music in general and so figured this might serve as an antidote to anyone feeling I've been getting too philosophical or away from Electronic Music or synthesizers.  Dan Deacon is a creative electronic music oriented artist who studied conservatory composition yet isn't too proud to make noise with a circuit bent Casio. He's pretty unique in the field and his music builds and swells like an orchestral work constantly merging both emotion and elation. 

He's also very creative in his choice of tools and in this performance he brings out a midi controlled acoustic Piano.  Contrast this to my phone grabbed pic from his most recent tour where he tried out actual robotic triggered acoustic drums as well:

Dan Deacon Live in Philadelphia 2015

What he'll bring out next is anyone's guess. He's over in Europe now and will return to do a few selected West Coast US dates in the Fall. Highly recommended as an artist, electronic musician, and all around damn good time.

The full NPR post here:

Dance on!