Friday, February 10, 2017

New Track? Sure it is...

What's a Mashup?


Sometimes things come out of playing with an instrument. I recently picked up a Roland TB-03 and while fiddling with the usual 303esque features I started to concentrate more on the trance like nature of throwing something into a delay and then moving it around. The TB-03 has a limited but practical internal delay and , well, this little synth line came out. I had some time on my hands so i took it down to the lab and added some analog drum machines to go with the minimal lead.

The samples came at the end and just seemed to go with the whole TKK/Revco vibe I do in my project MegoDETH so there you go.  Given it was more trancey and mellow like the 1990s Music For Isolation Tanks Nature/Nurture recordings I decided to credit it as a mashup of the two bands. Seemed just as silly as the song itself.

Sometimes you just gotta play... on!