Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Classic Synthesist, Old Technology, Modern Times.

I'm linking this very cool blog post  from Seth @ with permission. The past weekend he traveled to the wilds of West Orange NJ to see famed synthesist Larry Fast make a recording on a wax cylinder. 

Yes you read that correctly. Synth fans will freak at the name Larry Fast of Synergy fame (as well as incarnations of Peter Gabriel's and Tony Levin's live touring bands). Historical recording geeks will freak at the next best thing to a wire recorder, a working Wax Cylinder recorder maintained and run at the Thomas Edison National Historic Park.

People who might not know either (for shame!) can catch up on this ridiculously amazing and cool moment with pictures and a great write up at:

Finally, readers may note I've been adding a few new sites to this Blogs "Other Cool Synth Blogs" list. Please welcome and DIY master MikePeake's

Check 'em out and bleep on and on!