Friday, August 7, 2015

Noise Annoys... or not?

I should be working on finishing the nice quiet ambient Music For Isolation Tanks CD but this is what happens when you have so many cool instruments in the studio begging for attention:

I started "work" on another project, this time the opposite of the nice quiet ambient stuff. Working from a fantastic custom instrument made up of various pedals offered by 4MS. The one-of-a-kind Vision Well was calling my name from the corner. 

At some point I'll probably need to document what this is but basically it's a series of souped up custom versions of freakish sound processors and noise generators such as the TriwavePicoGenerator,  Mondo Locto, Noise Swash, Atoner, and more with special internal and external patching, a mixer, and a few other bells and whistles. From the info I have this was built around 2007 to spec of a private buyer. I've had it in my studio for quite a few years and added some other features along the way. 

I suppose as I record more with this I'll probably be properly motivated to then put this aside and go back to the ambient album. Well, I guess that is just one of those good problems for an underground musician.

Buzz, Fizzle, and Fuzz on!