Friday, February 10, 2012

All sorts of goings on...

It's been a while since I've posted but it's not for a lack of activity. I have a new album from  Sweeping the Noise Floor almost finished, there are huge goings on from Buchla and Associates, and there are plenty of synth and noise machines floating around for upcoming posts.

To get us going here is a quick theme I did on the Yamaha SK30 organ/string synthesizer. Live one take old school and I even left the recorder "shut off" click at the end to add some lofi mojo :)

Here is a brief update of the new Buchla Company 

The first new module, the 267e is now available as well as a new ultra portable completed system the Buchla Skylab  which many are calling a new "Music Easel" type unit. In addition Buchla and Associates has formed their first ever partnership which was announced at the winter NAMM show. You can watch a short video with Mike Marins explaining that here:  

There also is a new update to the operating system for the 200e main computer (included in the 225e and 206e modules) and updated firmware for all modules (now operating on 3.x). I am currently keeping my system on the old firmware but hope to upgrade sometime in 2012. For now you can find experiences and opinions about the process and features in the Muffwiggler forums and in particular on this thread.

So there you have it, news, one new song, and a few hints of things to come.  The next post will be a return to form with some examples and more synthy geek stuff to follow but for now relax with the stringz'n'things and keep an eye peeled for the "new" Buchla Musical Instruments.

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