Friday, May 27, 2011


A few gratuitous gearporn shots of the new Help Wanted Productions Buchla 200e system. I've arranged the modules in a way that makes a bit more sense to me (and leaves the bottom row empty for cables, etc to lay flat).

Apparently this is an older case and the end panels are made of Zebra Wood with brass connectors which is no longer a standard option. Very nice touch to make such an electronic monster a bit more "organic".

[Update 6/1/11: I've been told the wood is Wenge, another exotic hardwood, not Zebrawood. Thanks for the correct info.]

Current module layout. I've moved the two Buchla Oscillators to the top row next to each other in between the 250e Sequncer and the 207e mixer and made a combo platter of the 266e,281e, 292e, in a row with the Cyndustries ZOe as a utility and test module on the end which makes a bit more sense for patching.

Still to come is an Eardrill 077 which I am hoping will fit in the space in the middle row.

I am familiar with the ModcanA format Zero Oscillator so having that in this alien machine is helping me put things together in some semblance of comfort. When I can't tame the 259e I just plug in the pulse out of the ZOe and get things right until I'm ready to go back and mess with the aptly named COMPLEX oscillator.

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Wavedeform said...

I don't think that that is Zebra wood. I think that it's Wenge.