Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Demo of the 200e!

Thanks for all the folks who have written with support, info, and questions since I started this blog. Let it never be said feedback doesn't work and based on readers suggestions I've started a Soundcloud account which I will use for demos of my journey for this blog and some other sounds from my instrument company DAEDSound.com. The direct link to that page is: http://soundcloud.com/daedsound

I started writing a detailed post on the 250e but decided to post this quick demo first just to get things going and have some fun. No, it's not really "Acid" in the traditional sense but, to me, Acid was/is always the "punk of techno" genres where you can do whatever you want and if it has that feel and attitude and is raw then it's ACID. I think this meets that criteria and given it's my piece, synth, and blog - it's ACID. :)

This is also one of the first things I've done as part of learning the 200e that is a bit more coherent than just random klangs and drones (which I like too!) but when I was looking for demos of the 200e most of the stuff I ran across wasn't, well, like THIS so I figure if I'm trying to show what the synth can do why not demo something a bit more unusual.

Latest tracks by DAEDSound

The patch is relatively basic and I don't touch the 250e once I get it started. There are three sound sources with four audio outs going into the 207e. I tried a bit of panning but it didn't work too well and I ended up correcting the levels a bit once I got it to my harddrive but outside of that there is no editing, effects, fades, etc. It took some fiddling with the levels as well, one thing I learned already is the output on the 207e is HOT.

The main output on the 259e goes into the 292e in gate only mode with the 250e pulse out triggering the 282e. I pretty much leave that alone and tweak the timbre controls on the 259e a bit.

The 261e has one output going straight into the 207e and another going into the same 282e/281e setup but I think I have the 292e in both mode.

The final sound of "Noise/HHats" I really dug. This was the ZOe which is also going into a 281e/292e combo platter in gate only mode. I am tweaking the decay in real time manually on the 282e to get the "open the highhats" simulation. You can hear that clearer in the beginning of the track but also in other parts. The ZOe is spitting out a Saw Up waveform with the bias switch in the middle and through zero on. No other processing at all. Very cool trick on the ZOe indeed to modify a Saw into noise like that. This is a great complement to the standard 259/261 pieces.

There are no dedicated filters on this and I'm not really touching the 292e once I get started. Most tweaks were done to the Timbre sections of each module and the decay on the Env like one would do on.. oh, say... a 303 :)

I'll cover what little I've learned on the 250e and another trick I figured out about the 259e Morph feature on future posts. For now, space out a bit and dig the beat.

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